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About Alpha Maritime

Captain Peter Sachs, Owner and Proprietor of Alpha Maritime, has been in the marine contracting business for over thirty years. He started Sachs Salvage CC, a Closed Corporation, in South Africa in 1979. Sachs Salvage CC specialized in salvaging lost cargoes on shipwrecks and commercial diving.

Captain Sachs initiated financed and facilitated the recovery of thousands of tonnes of sunken cargoes from shipwrecks. He also was involved in a number of marine construction projects including boat building and docks.

Captain Sachs emigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he formed Alpha Maritime in 2004.


  • Master 150/500 GT (Near Coastal Voyages)
  • Restricted Watchkeeping Mate (Near Coastal Voyages)
  • Engineer (SVMO)

South African:
  • Class 6 Deck Officer Cert. No. 49 (Command Endorsement 200 tonnes, restricted to Near Coastal Voyages)

Commercial Diving:
  • WCB Unrestricted Surface Supply
  • SA Commercial Diver Class 3
  • SA Commercial Diving Supervisor
  • SA Navy Diver 1 with mixed gas certification
  • SA Navy Diving Supervisor
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